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The spiritual realm offers many words and phrases that can have more than one meaning. I share here my perception of the meaning of certain words and expressions that you will find on my site. 

Energy session 

Session during which the practitioner uses energy to balance and cleanse the energy fieldss (chakras), in order to allow the body to regain its optimal health.


It is the junction of energy points. Each of the chakras represents both a part of the physical, psychic or spiritual body. They allow us to manage our spiritual connection, the way we communicate and interact withothers and much more!


Spiritual guidance

Guidance is not a prediction of the future; rather, it is an image of current reality and the possibilities it allows. It is not a certainty and even less a fatality!

By his free will, the person who receives the guidance can change his perception, make his situation evolve and thus generate other possibilities which are better suited to what he wishes.

Free will

It is the faculty of human beings to think and act freely, without being influenced by whom ou anything. This notion also joins that of freedom (freedom of expression, freedom of being, etc.). To avail oneself of one's free will is also to accept responsibility for one's decisions and their consequences. I find que the expression "To be the artisan of your life" sums up well what free will is and what it can allow us to create. 

The people I accompanied

The list below will give you an idea of the range of possibilities that the energetic universe offers. However, it is important to remember that the practitioner accompanies the person he receives in session and that it is not a question of performing miracles!

Most often, I accompany people who suffer from:

  • Depression / Burnout

  • Panic attacks / Anxiety

  • Symptoms related to stress (eczema, digestive disorders, headaches, etc.)

  • Chronic pain

Since there is no contraindication to receive an energy session, I have also already accompanied people:

  •   End of life

  •   Cancer patients (all stages) 

  •   Who have received a diagnosis related to mental health

Energy work is also very useful for personal development. I also help people who want:

  • Improve their self-esteem

  • Have better self-confidence

  • Understanding each other better 

  • Have a clearer mind and make better decisions

  • Find a career that suits them best

  • Take stock of their relationships 

Magical thinking

For example, when you want to treat cancer, a single chemotherapy session is not enough. In fact, there is also no guarantee that the treatment will work as expected. Everyone is different and reacts differently.  

It is the same with energy work; one session cannot alleviate all your ailments at once. How many sessions will be needed? It will depend on you, your receptivity to the energy and the efforts you will then make to continue your journey. It's a bit like breaking an ankle; the cast will help facilitate healing of the bone, but if no rehabilitation is done afterwards, progress in restoring ankle strength and mobility is likely to be very slow.

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