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What should I expect during a session?

Reiki is a non-invasive energy treatment, which means that the practitioner does not need to touch the person they are treating, nor to ask them to remove their clothes. It is safe and can be used with both adults and children. To date, reiki has been considered safe for all people regardless of their health condition.

The session takes place in an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. The person receiving the treatment is laying on their back on a reiki table (similar to a massage table) and can be covered with a sheet if desired. The sensations reported during the treatment are; heat, tingling, a feeling of well-being and soothing. Although the duration of the session varies according to the practitioner and the needs of the person they are seeing, it lasts on average between 45 and 75 minutes.


During the session, the Reiki practitioner channels the universal energy and transmits it by placing their hands above the 7 chakras. The sessions and the transmission of universal energy can also be done at a distance. Universal energy goes exactly where the person needs it most. Unlike magnetism, the practitioner's energy is not used in this process.


What beneficial effects can Reiki have on me?

Although Reiki can have a beneficial effect on a large number of ailments, it does not replace traditional medicine.
After receiving treatment, many people report a feeling of comfort, an improvement in fatigue, pain, and anxiety. It may also be beneficial in reducing some side effects of cancer treatment, helping relieve some chronic pain, and helping to flush out toxins.


What are the main differences between
Reiki and Lahochi 13th Octave?

During a session of Lahochi 13th Octave, the practitioner channels an energy having a higher vibratory rate. The effects are therefore often more marked and more noticeable. 

For the Reiki, the practitioner can use several symbols without ever having to touch or even speak to the person who receives while for Lahochi 13th Octave, there are more positions on the body of the person who receives and fewer symbols.


THE Reiki aims to rebalance the 7 main chakras while in Lahochi 13th Octave, the practitioner has the possibility of working to rebalance 13 chakras.

These are just some of the differences between these two modalities which are not competing, but on the contrary, work for the same purpose and can be combined during the same session.

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Is Reiki safe for everyone ?

Reiki is suitable for people of all ages, regardless of their health condition. It is even possible to give sessions to people at the end of their life to help them get through this difficult stage.

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